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Development Tools

We have worked hard to get tools for our coaches to help their players develop when in the cages at the warehouse. Take a look at the different items we have below. Click on the links for more information and how to use the tools.

The Ultimate Rope Bat
The Ultimate Rope Bat is a baseball swing trainer that utilizes centrifugal force to create bat speed and teach hitters to stay connected by using their entire body throughout the swing. The Ultimate Rope Bat ™, literally in a matter of minutes, gives the feedback necessary to provide hitters with a complete understanding of the feeling and look of a good swing.

Check out the instruction videos HERE

SPECIAL NOTE:  DO NOT hit real baseballs or softballs with the Ultimate Rope Bat™
 Hitting real baseballs or softballs with the Ultimate Rope Bat™ will break the bat head, and thereby disqualify any and all warranties on this product. There are Smushballs at the warehouse for use with the rope bats

The Swing Rail
The product's unique design guides the player's hands through the most critical phase of the swing and provides immediate feedback to uncover hidden swing flaws and allow the player to "feel" the experience of using correct swing mechanics

Learn how to use the Swing Rail HERE

Balance Board
Simple idea that works great. This balance board helps your hitter get immediate feedback if they are "Stepping out" when they hit. If they do not keep their feet planted, they will step off the board, providing instant feedback. Success on the board helps them stay balanced and aligned in the batters box. 
Instructional video coming soon

Have you seen a tool you feel will help our hitters? Email [email protected] with a link to the product!

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