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Welcome to the New Berlin Pumas Coaches Resource page
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This page will be continually updated to offer the latest information and guidance. Please scroll down to review the different sections!

Buena Park - Pumas Field / Calhoun Park North - West Field

Please click on the link below to see the up to date Buena Park - Pumas Field and the Calhoun Park North - West Field schedules. This is the document that is sent to the city for field prep.

If you need to reschedule / schedule a game or practice:

1. Check the doc for an open day - There is a tab for EACH field location. Please ensure you are looking at the correct park/field
2. If there is a Pumas team listed, but no opponent information, the field is not booked for a game. 
3. To book that day for a game - contact the assigned coach to verify they do not need that assigned day for a game. 
NOTE: Games will always take precedence over practices. If you have a day assigned on the field and are planning for a practice, but another team needs to make up a game - you will need to move your practice. 
4. Once you have verified the other team does not need it, email [email protected] to book the field, and we will update this doc and the city to have the field prepped for your game. 
5. Please use this doc to book the open grass area to the west of Pumas field off of 167th street. email [email protected] to book the area. 

Click HERE to review the Buena Field / Calhoun Park schedule

Maps for the 167th St Grass areas as well as the location of the field prep items are in this doc as well

Weather / Field Status       

MAJORybl Information

Below are the links to the MAJORybl League Rules, as well as the Coaches Procedure manual. All Coaches are responsible to know this information. See below for links to the Documents, as well as highlights to what is in each document

MAJORybl 2019 Rule Book
Contents of this Document:
1.) Pitching and Base Lengths 2.) Game Length/Time Limits 3.) Pitch Count and Balk Rules 4.)Courtesy Runners 5.) Mercy Rule 6.) No Slide Rule 7.) Fake Bunt Not Allowed 8.) Batting order / Defensive Subs 9.) Player Eligibility 10.) Ejections 11.) Social Media Posts 12.) Rules Concerning Equipment 13.)Playoff Seating Tiebreakers 14) Federation Rules 15.) Special Rules for U7-U10 leagues (excluding U9 and U10 Premier Leagues)

MAJORybl 2019 Coaches Procedure Manual
Contents of this document: 1.) Game Balls 2.) Games called due to Darkness 3.) Games called due to weather issues 4.) League Playoffs 5.) Postponing Games 6.) Certificate of Insurance 7.) Rescheduling Games 8.) Rosters 9.) Score Entry 10.) Umpires (fees,etc)

Pitch Count Guidelines
Please refer to the Rule Book document above for full details

Pumas Facility Calendar


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